Car Tips For Fall Maintenance

Autumn is fast approaching. The leaves are starting to change color, and falling to the ground. Football is dominating our televisions and the kids are back in school. During this hectic time some common mundane things can often get placed on the “I will get to that eventually” list. Car upkeep is sometimes that thing. It can be tedious and annoying but it is so important especially as the seasons change, the temperatures drop, and the weather conditions get more treacherous. the following are some quick and and easy car maintenance tips to keep your vehicle in tip top shape. So enjoy!

  1. Replace Your Wipers– This is important as the fall showers start to hit that may be mixed with snow:(  This doesn’t take long and will help you drive much more safely.
  2. Check Out Your Tires – Check out the tires for worn down or uneven tread in areas. 
  3. What Do Your Brakes Sound Like? : You may need to get new you brake pads if you notice a squeaking or grinding sound. If your brakes are too spongy when pressed there may be to much air in the lines and you will need to bleed your brakes,
  4. Lights Out? – Take some time to look at all your lights to see if any bulbs need to be replaced.
  5. Refill The Coolant – This will allow your vehicle to have the proper antifreeze capability.
  6. Check Heater Ahead of Time – This will save you a major headache if you check this out ahead of time. Seems like common sense but is often not checked until winter is already here.

For more tips please visit http://www.thecarconnection.com/news/1087781_10-practical-tips-to-get-your-car-ready-for-fall


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