Warning Signs that it’s the Transmission

Well here it is everyone. The most exhaustive list of warning signs to watch out for that could be telling you, “its the transmission”!

Leaking Fluid 

A loose pan can cause the transmission to leak.  Sometimes this is because there are bolts that are not tight enough. Another cause of a transmission leak could be because of a loose pan gasket. Also debris in the road can lead to damage and cause leaking.

car-troubleStrange Odors

A burning smell may also be a notifying sign that there is an issue. This is a burning of transmission fluid.

Your Warning Light Is Activated

If your check engine light comes on than this could be an indication that there is something amiss with the transmission. always keep a close eye on it.

Odd Sounds & Noises

It is difficult to tell by just a sound what is going on with the vehicle.  This is especially true if you are not trained. Typically a whining sound or clanking type sound when it is in neutral.

Delay in Movement Of The Vehicle

This is occurs when putting your vehicle into park or drive and it takes a little time before it actually engages. Replacing the clutch is usually the proper fix.

The Gears Slip

It is imperative that you have your vehicle looked at if this is occurring. It is not only a sign that the transmission is bad but its a major safety risk.

Grinding or Shaking

Overtime the wear and tear of a transmission will cause a shaking or grinding when operating. Over the course of the gears wearing out, the transition into gear goes from being smooth into an increase of shakiness.


Transmission Problems

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