Where Are The Women Mechanics ?

IMG_20160810_113641Here at Multistate we are proud to employ one the best mechanics in metro Detroit who is a woman. Being a women in the field of auto repair is still very unusual. The following statistics will prove it. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, women account for only 1.2 percent of workers in the auto repair business. This stat was founded a few years ago and I would suspect that this has gone up, but probably not by much.

As customers, women play a significant role in the field of auto repair. While they make up just more than half of the US population, they deliver up to two-thirds of the vehicles brought in for maintenance or repair, according to Volvo.

However, the number of female technicians is another matter entirely. Out in the shop or up front where they could work as service writers or as service managers, women are significantly underrepresented in the field. “I think this is because auto repair has never been considered a woman’s field, but that is changing,” says Jennifer Tio, president of the Car Care Council’s Women’s Board.

Why the Change?
  • Technology- For along time the job of of being a mechanic took a lot of physical strength and was extremely dirty.  As vehicles have advanced they rely on a lot more than just nuts and bolts but more in computers. The career as a mechanic is still very physically taxing it just involves more brains nowadays.
  • Times are changing – This is pretty obvious, women have been fighting for many years to establish equality in the workplace. Women today can and want others to know that are just as capable of anything a man is.

Below are links to two inspiring stories of powerful women who decided that that they could do anything. One started in all women garage in England and the other was tired of relying on men to help her and could not find one female mechanic. You can read about their amazing succes sstories:


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